Together. We need each other.

Your ambition and our rigorous approach to coaching business leaders and teams is the model that helps you achieve positive change and sustainable impacts.
We need each other. You are at the forefront of finding new ways to do business in an uncertain world. We are bringing an evidence-based approach and rigour to an industry that has the potential to be the impetus for change.

Success, defined by you.

Working with Exigence means being an individual or team that is interested in exploring the possibilities of what you could really achieve through a rigorous development program. We start with asking how you define success and what impacts you need to make. Development starts with knowing, but its success is in delivering impacts.

Leadership is everybody’s business.

Exigence uses an interconnected coaching model that is grounded in the real work you and your team are doing.

  • Leadership: understand the type of leadership needed and when it’s needed.
  • Behaviours: identify and develop the individual and team behaviours that support success.
  • Identity: understand and shape a positive team identity

We help shift you from knowing to doing.

Quantifiable coaching for sustainable impacts.

Your ambition and our rigorous approach with quantifiable results is a solid business case for developing your leaders and teams with Exigence.

Together we drive exceptional performance.