Us. Rethinking coaching for leaders and teams.

Exigence is evidence-based business coaching, steeped in practice, and driven by a desire to help individuals and teams to achieve their performance potential.
Business coaching has become a muddled phrase. A catch-all for everything from inspirational talks to guru-style guidance and self-help. Yet, we know that coaching done right can be effective.

A growth trajectory that liberates energy.

As leaders and teams face uncertain times, they need to adapt. The transition period calls for something more than traditional coaching. It calls for evidence-based development programs, a disciplined approach, and quantifiable results.

Coaching created, designed, and tested for the real world.

Years of research and testing at Exigence has shown that coaching based in proven developmental methodology can put people and teams on a growth trajectory that liberates their energy and leads to positive impacts on personal and business success.

Co-creating your path to success.

Exigence is based on a model of coaching that focuses on how teams, at an individual and collective level, can define and deliver the impacts they want to make. The foundation of achieving sustainable impact with quantifiable results is based on developing and shaping three areas:

  • Leadership
  • Behaviours
  • Identities

Exigence is quantifiable coaching.